At present, we can provide services to the following works:

1. Installation of technological equipment.

Installation of technological equipment ( with making of metal construction ) it’s tying around by pipe-wires on grain processing enterprises:

  • elevators
  • mills
  • cereal factories
  • bakeries

Building of non-packaging storage of flour, grain, water, and other products
Installation of equipment of spirit factories, factories on a production of bio fuel

2. Fabrication and installation of metal construction.

  • Metal construction for an equipment
  • Metal construction for shops and markets ( Supernetto, Reno centrs)
  • Metal construction for storages and production facilities (hangars)
  • Different types of metal construction

3. Ventilation, aspiration.

Fabrication and installation of ventilation and aspiration systems in residential and industrial buildings of various types of materials:

  • stainless steel sheet
  • galvanized sheet
  • stainless steel sheet

4. Metal roofing and stain-roof finishing elements.

5. Building works.

  • The complete cycle of construction works
  • Paint and finishing

6. Electrical work, and electro measuring works with certification are proposed.